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How To Build An AdSense Website

Ok, so by now you heard all the hype about AdSense websites.

But do you know what they are and everything you need to know to cash in on the big gold rush?

Do you know how to make an AdSense website?
(I have done all the work for you with my new 2 column Css Template)

First off, for those who don't know, an AdSense Website is a website where Google pay's the owner of the site to place ad's on that site.

When people visit that site and click on the Google sponsors ads the owner of that website will get paid from Google.

On the surface it sounds like a great concept. It is, if you know a few key factors.

There are two parts to a Google ad campaign. The first as described above, is the actual AdSense part and the second is called Adwords.

AdWords is where an advertiser places an ad with Google to show up somewhere on Google search page results.

For Example:

Whenever you go to Google and enter a search word or term, the results that you receive are broken down into two categories.

The first category is the organic part of the search return. These are all the returns listed on the left-hand side of the page. These are also free listing and where the need to know How to use SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.

Anyway, the ad's that show up highlighted at the very top of the page and the ones that show up on the far right hand side of the page are AdWords ads.

These ads are also referred to as pay-per-click ads. The reason for the name is because when an advertiser goes to his AdWords account and runs an ad, the actual placement of that ad on the search engine results page is determined by how much he bids. The higher the bid, the better the placement. Or more accurately stated, the higher on the page the ads shows.

I say this because studies have shown that ad's showing up on the first page and the first position on that page may not be the best performing location.

Let's get back to the AdSense part of the program....

Your AdSense site can be simple in design but you must know how to build your own websites.

You Will Need To Build A Website To Take Advantage Of This Program.

With Pro Website Maker I will show you all you need know to get started building your own AdSense websites.

From there you can pick any type of a niche that interests you. You will need to write some content for your Adsense website. After you build a few pages and get them ranked in Google, you then can add some AdSense code to your page. Then the AdSense ads will start showing up on your website.

The AdSense ads that show up on your website is content driven. That means Google will look at what your site is about and place the appropriate ads.

When people show up on your site and click on your ads you will get paid. The more AdSense sites you build, the more money you will make.

The process is very simple. But you will need to understand some simple but very important steps.

All these steps are outlined in Pro Website Maker.

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